Goddess of the Week: Goddess of Time

Box art for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeImage via WikipediaCindie needs a goddess that will let time expand like an accordian. She needs the Goddess of Time.

The Goddess of Time is a doozy. She is actually a new goddess, and if being worshipped means people pray at your altar and give themselves to you everyday, she is worshipped by millions. She is part of a game called Legend of Zelda that is played on Nintendo gaming systems. Fifty-nine millions copies of the game have been sold, so in the gaming universe she's pretty big.

The Goddess of Time can give Cindie just what she needs: Time. Here's how: She has the "song of time," which is played on the "Ocarina of time." And she can give them both to you. With them, you can relive three days over and over again. In the game, it has to be a certain three days, but you, being you, might be able to score some flexibility there. I mean, we don't want you reliving, like, Ground Hog's day over and over again. That'd just be annoying. BUT if you choose your days wisely, it could be awesome. You could get more work done. You could get around to finally cleaning the hall closet. You could totally extend your vacation and catch up on your sleep.

Here's the rub: the hero in the game has to use his three days to re-set the orbit of the moon so that it doesn't crash into the planet. Are you really going to use your time to do something so selfless and noble? If not, I'm not sure the Goddess of Time will hand over either the song or the ocarina. I mean, ocarina's are totally rare. It's not like you can get them at Walmart. Plus, good songs aren't a dime a dozen either (although this one is pretty good.)

Channel The Goddess of Time: When you have too much to do and not enough time, but make sure you have a good cause. Otherwise, you might be turned into an ocarina and people will blow on you/strum you all the time. It won't be pretty.

Need a goddess? I got goddesses! Post a comment explaining why you need or want a goddess. I'll take care of the rest.
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Cafe Pasadena said...

I must have either father time or goddess time with me all this time. Where I'd be without these I don't wanna have those nightmares!

It's about thyme I quit working this goddess overthyyme - late at nite - & lend them out to someone else who needs more time. If there's even one person who could use this kinda goddess.

Thyme waits fore knowone, but it has waited four me. Thank Goddess!!

JCK said...

I hope it is OK. I am taking this Goddess as well. Sorely needed.

Synchronicity at work, since I wrote about time slipping away from me on Monday.

Thank you, as always, for sending us these wonderfully detailed takes on Goddesses!

claire said...

I think I am going to love Zelda, maybe because her name reminds me of Zelda Fitzgerald. I just so want to go through time :-)))
Thank you, Margaret!

Joanne said...

Wait a minute .. The Goddess of Time is a doozy, and requires a doozy amount of work! Reset the orbit of the moon? Sheesh. I'd just play the Stones Time Is On My Side and call it a day.

Petrea said...

I've been thinking a lot about this time issue lately. Coincidentally (or not) everywhere I look there's a blog post or an article about it. I need to be glad of how much time I've got and be more disciplined as to how I prioritize my use of it. In other words, I'm my own boss, I just have to be a stricter employer.

Bec said...

Love your inclusion of a modern pop-culture goddess :) Expand like an accordion - I'm going to keep that image in my mind . . . great one.

Jean Spitzer said...

Zelda and the ocarina--great stuff.

... daisy... said...

I posted a "poem" about time lately... this Goddess is exactly what I'd need!!! :)

Margaret said...

JCK: Take her, she's yours. You are one of three people to mention that they have also been thinking and writing about time lately, so there is a lot of synchronicity going around.

Claire: According to my reading, the game was named after Zelda Fitzgerald. The game read about her and thought she had a cool name that would be perfect for a fantasy type game.

Joanne: Yeah, that would be a lot easier. You have my permission to do that.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

the woman attends Burning Man regularly. Whatever goddess is in her court, she ought to be sharing.

I really enjoyed her story of her childhood.

cindie geddes said...

Des brought to my attention that I got a goddess! (I thought I had somehow signed up to follow your blog, but alas ...)

Zelda is perfect! Thank you. I'm feeling my accordion expanding already. I'm happy to share her, of course, being all noble and stuff. And, being as I am named after the goddess of the moon (or so I'm told) and spell check routinely changes my last name to "Goddess," I'll take care of that moon business too!

I'm clipping a picture of Z and putting her in my things-that-remind-me-to-be-happy corner, which currently has a tattooed and pierced rubber duck, a glow-in-the-dark ugly doll bat, a Tick action figure, a button, a clock, a glass pig, a Hawaiian money god idol, a tin of wishes and a quote from one of my favorite writers encouraging me to get the damn book done.

Thanks again. And again. With all my newfound time I can afford to thank you more than once!