Goddess of the Week: Galene

The "Bikini girls" mosaic showing wo...Image via WikipediaSusan needs a goddess who will help her stay calm in the midst of moving-related chaos. She needs Galene, the Greek nereid (or sea goddess).

Galene was one Poseidon's 50 daughters, and, like 48 of her siblings, she had a real Jan Brady, middle-child thing going on. She was always the peacemaker. Her sisters would always be like,

"Hey! That's my sea-shell bikini top. Give it back."

Which would lead to, "Yeah, but it looks better on me because you're so fat."

And then, "Oh! You so did not call me fat!"

Which would lead to waves and storms and the troubled seas that only sisters can spawn.

But Galene, would be all, "Calm down. Here! You can take my sea-shell bikini top. I'll just put these old barnacles on my boobs," and then everything, and everyone, would calm down and they'd all go drink Mai Tais and complain about their parents.

Eventually, sailors started praying to Galene and asking her for calm seas, and then-- voila!--she totally branded herself as the goddess of calm seas and started a chain of high-end spas!
But, luckily, Galene is benevolent and will help you outside of the spa as well. She will turn your chaos into the still seas of order and calm.

Start by taking a nice long bath. Then wrap yourself in something cozy, pull this out of the refrigerator, and watch this. It will make everything better.

Channel this goddess: When life is too chaotic; when you crave peace and relaxation; when boating and feeling sea sick.

Need a goddess? I got goddesses! Post a comment explaining why you need or want a goddess. Then check back in a week or two and see what you got.

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Olga said...

I will recommend this goddess to my sister-in-law as her husband just bought a boat and she is kind of afraid of the water.
Then I'm taking a nice hot soak and get into my pj's before pouring a glass of wine. Ahh...it's a spiritual thing.

Tony Van Helsing said...

I like the spa but can't stand sangria. Sorry Galiene.

Desiree said...

Perfection. I can not wait. Perhaps after entering all those pesky grades

Susan Campisi said...

Oh, what a gift! I get a goddess! You know all about the troubled seas sisters can cause, don't you? "I'll just put these old barnacles on my boobs." Ha!

Well, I know I will be channelling Galene this weekend. I am sooooo ready for "the still seas of order and calm." Thank you, dear Margaret.

claire said...

Ah, thank you, Margaret. Galene is just the goddess I need at the moment.
I will create an altar just for her♥

Daisy said...

"barnacles on her boobs"!! Ouch!
Galene is obviously one very dedicated and caring sister. Happy Moving Susan.

Petrea Burchard said...

Yah, I was gonna say, you need the barnacles or none of this will work.

... daisy... said...

I am so used to chaos in my mind... that I would feel lost should it stop... ;-) Thanks for the smiles Margaret!

Italo said...

This goddess is as necessary as water in the world.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

When Susan's done with Galene, I get dibs.

Hello from beautiful downtown Albuquerque!

altadenahiker said...

"Old Barnacles on My Boobs." How could that not be best-seller.

Shell Sherree said...

I've been seasick once in my life. Wasn't fun. A spa, though, I can handle.

Star said...

Just right, once again. "Oh yeah, now THAT'S just the goddess I was needing." I say that to myself every time I read your helpful and comforting and funny blog. Thank you!

Word in the Hand said...

Having only just, in my whole life, got to the luxury of a long bath - having only just persuaded my family that the fact that there is no lock on our bathroom door does not mean that they can come in; that me having a bath is not a sign that they suddenly need a lift, to be fed, to have ironing done - it will be a pleasure to meet up with Galene - but I'll leave the barnacles in my beachcomber garden if you don't mind.
Thanks for the introduction m

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, this morning I asked my literature teacher to tell my what Nereids were (since it was mention in the chapter we were studying, The Trojan War, to be specific, and she refused to explain it to me, she said she is gonna do that later ( I take it that she didn't know ;)... thanks, I forgot to look it up when I came home... but I found out here! :D

Now lets just keep our fingers crossed that she doesn't find this comment, and if she does, I'm gone for good!


Margaret said...

Olga: Hope you had a nice and relaxing soak!

Tony: Maybe you just haven't had the right sangria. This is excellent.

Susan: So glad you approve. Hope you she helped this weekend.

Shell: I've been sea sick once too. It was miserable. Here's to calm seas. Better yet, here's to dry land.

Work: I know just how you feel. I've been there many times. Here's to locks!

Mel: That's too funny. I'm sure you're right! She just didn't know and was stalling for time. That's why I like computerized classrooms. Whenever students ask me something I can't answer, I Google it then and there.

Paula said...

White sangria? Can't wait.
Downton Abbey Part Deux? Can't wait.
Galene, you're my kind of goddess.

wv flesseta
It's a flesseta, I think I'll celebrate by having a white sangria.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Classic. Done in full Margaret style and I love it. :o) Thanks for the yummy sounding sangria recipe! My SIL's will love that and I'm going to give it a try!

TheChieftess said...

Ohhh...I like Galene!!! Could've benefitted from her grace back when I was working with crazy wanna be gang kids on drugs!!!

May your move be calm and serene with the help of Galene, Susan!!!