Godzilla, King Kong and the poor little red car

Poster for the U.S theatrical release
Poster for the U.S theatrical release (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The little red car makes its way down the streets of Tokyo.  It follows the same path it takes everyday, but little does the little red car know that today is different.

Out of nowhere Godzilla starts crashing toward the little red car.  Its tail swings left.  Down goes a new high rise.  "You are insulting my favorite TV show," drawls Godzilla in a surprisingly high-pitched voice.  "You must die."

The little red car quakes in fear.  Where can it hide?  What can it do?

Godzilla's foot rises in the air and casts it enormous shadow over the doomed little red car.  The little red car regrets that it never once tried sushi.

Suddenly, King Kong rushes forward.  King Kong gives a big ape squeal.  "Why are you listening to him?" bellows King Kong.  "I was talking to you first.  You always do what Godzilla says."  King Kong beats his chest and stomps his feet.

The little red car looks for someplace to hide.  There is nowhere.

Godzilla and King Kong gnash their teeth at each other. 

"Don't roll your eyes at me," says King Kong to Godzilla.

"Stop talking.  Stop talking.  You caused global warming and now look how dry my skin is," says Godzilla.

The little red car thinks of its happy song.  It begins to hum.

Godzilla and King Kong turn their powerful death ray eyes on the little red car.  "Why are you singing?" they say.  "You are singing because you hate us. We will destroy you."

The scary monsters stomple the little red car until it is nothing more than a flattened pancake. 

The monsters move on. 

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Petrea Burchard said...

I'm worried for Scout.

When do the girls go back to school?

Desiree said...

The little red car that couldn't?

Jean Spitzer said...

So much for the power of music. Ouch!

Alison said...

I hope there was no-one in the little red car!!
Alison xx

altadenahiker said...

Ow. It's not enough that one girl set up shop in the dining room?

Pasadena Adjacent said...

next stop - military school

Susan Campisi said...

I think the little red car should drive herself over to Carmela's ice cream today - maybe even without the monsters?

Shell Sherree said...

So I shouldn't go to my happy place?

Tony Van Helsing said...

Is this a dream you had after eating cheese?

Olga said...

Margaret, Margaret, Margaret...

TheChieftess said...

Oh dear...someone's having a bad day!!!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I finished your short story. Your depiction of the blobs made me so sad - they're afraid, they want to live. I was sort of hoping they would find a way but guess not. i suppose theres a larger metaphor at play here