Another modern goddess

First, here's another epitaph from the book I got at the Getty.

An Epitaph

I was Callicrita, I bore twenty-nine children
And all of them lived, and still live.
I died at a hundred and five
And never needed a cane to steady my hand.

Talk about tough.

Here's another book trailer entree.  It's from Rois.  Here is her wonderful reflection on the photo:

I am sending you my current favorite photo of myself.Let me give a tour of the picture and why I like it so much.  First off, you may notice my hair and it's natural grey highlights.I was in the middle of a self journey regarding my grey.I was leaving it to see how it made me feel about myself and to see if others treated me differently.My journey is over,I colored my hair a week or so ago.I did it only for myself which made me feel pretty damn good as a woman.I realized that personally my hair color was not hugely important but I like it better, for now, with color.   Oh,the treatment from others was a mixed bag,the ones who didn't like it where the people who did not really matter in my life.
Now you may notice my glasses are a bit crooked.That really represents my goofy side and how I just can't take too many things too seriously because as you know there are usually bigger more important things to fuss over, rather than the B.S people put out there.

On my face I have a sprinkling of freckles that I think are interesting. Most of my family does not have them and I always wonder where did they come from? They make me unique within my own family.I know most women cover them up with makeup but I wear mine with pride.And that is my " I am not to sure about myself"smile,flashed mostly when my bashfulness comes through.Writing a blog is easy but faced to face I can be quiet and reserved.

My clothing,well I was all bundled up for 100 mile ride on our vintage scooter.This is my tom-boy side sticking out,a side most people don't realize I have. I really can't stand the idea of boys leaving me behind to have all of the fun.And the idea of a boy beating me really pushes me hard to keep going. And peeking out at my neck is a very dear scarf, hand knit by a great friend,that's my love of craft saying "hey there."

What you don't see in  my photo  that I was just not ready to post online is my belly.I have an 8 inch scar right up the middle that is in its second reincarnation,2 surgeries same surgery site.There's also a small scar where my appendix was,because of complications it healed looking like a mouth.( I have thought about getting the Rolling Stones lips tattooed there.) And thanks to my youngest being a huge baby lots of stretch marks.  Now most women would think my belly is damn ugly but I love my battle scared belly.I have survived to live my life and to give life to another.My belly will never be flat and smooth but a life that was flat and smooth might have been a bit too dull for me.
This photo says to me - I am strong,independent,fun loving,full of love and life.I may be tattered and worn when it comes to mainstream ideals but I wear my wear and tear with pride. 

I love Rois's reflection.  Strong, independent, fun loving, full of love and life.  Hmmm...I would say she is Inanna, who went to hell and back and never stopped being a queen.  

Now, you don't need to send me a reflection when you send your photo, but you can if you want.  Keep those pictures coming.  This is all very exciting.


Rois said...

Looks like I have some reading to do.I looked Inanna up and did a quick look and all I can say is WOW,I think you know me better than I thought.

My parents always told us growing up,"No matter what,keep your chin up,keep a stoic face and keep going.You can fall apart later." Sending this in was a step out of my box,but since I am at work I will fall apart over this later.

Thanks for the push.

Lacy said...

Thank you Rois for inspiring us all :) I love the honesty and beauty in your adventure and journey!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Good job Rois. You have my vote

Jean Spitzer said...

Another strong, inspiring woman.

This trailer will be special.

Daisy said...

What a wonderful woman! Truly a goddess!

Ms M said...

Such an inspiring photo and reflection! Powerful....

Susan Campisi said...

Those are powerful words, Rois. Wonderful and inspiring.

Scarlett Rains said...

Who needs a cane with 29 kids to steady you? :) Amazing woman! I stopped in to thank you for coming by my blog, Margaret, I'm so sorry. I deleted your sweet post in error and Google ate it! AHHHH!


Bec said...

Love the photo and Rois's reflection. You and your readers might also be interested in http://theshapeofamother.com/ which tells similar stories (Rois - you can submit that belly shot!).

Petrea Burchard said...

It IS exciting! Thanks, Rois.