Ever wonder...

Goddess (Photo credit: campra)
Ever wonder what is up with me and all this goddess business? The fascinating mystery is explained at today's Pasadena Daily Photo.

PS: You're melting away already!  Eat some ice cream.
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Petrea Burchard said...

Yahooey! Margaret's great writing is on my blog today. It's such good stuff.

Have you ever wondered what it is about reading good writing that gives us pleasure? Is it wit? A turn of phrase? The joy of recognition? Surprise? Maybe all of the above. I don't really know. I just like to read the good stuff.

Susan Campisi said...

I ate a bowl of ice cream while reading your post at PDP, Margaret. Both the post and the ice cream were delicious.

Heather said...

I bought your book! I'm so excited to read it!

Reagan said...

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