The Royalties Treatment

Free! Free! Free!
A new super-short story by me!

Be sure to click the link at the end of the story or you'll miss the punchline.

Find the story at Rose City Sisters.

By the way, you are looking marvelous today. Your hair has a glossy sheen of well-maintained elegance and power.  Today is the day to ask for a raise...or whatever.


Ms M said...

I read it -- a great short story! I love your witty writing.

Petrea Burchard said...

Yes, a very funny story, unfortunately not too far from the truth!

Shell Sherree said...

Heh!! I was about to say that I hope it's not really that difficult to extricate them ~ but Petrea answered my question!! {And that was a deftly executed gratuitous inclusion of you-know-who.}

Alison said...

Gave me a chuckle Margaret...Thanks!
Alison xx

Pasadena Adjacent said...

A reminder of that TV program Storage Wars. A friend of mine used to do participate in the pre-digital "now everybody knows about it" storage auctionsand gave us two things. The detailed genealogy records and b&w photos of a pig farmer and a secretary whose ambitions was to get her "how to" book published. Sad.

My cat left a comment over at RCS

Susan Campisi said...

That was a very funny short story! I'm particularly fond of "A Haiku for Frank."