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Goddess of the Week: Brigid

statue of a Celtic goddess, probably Brigid (B...Image via Wikipedia

I would have gotten Pasadena PIO her goddess sooner, but things just keep popping up. My desk begs straightening. My dog demands a belly rub. I must watch Jonas Armstrong in Robin Hood. Oh, and did I mention the dust bunnies are now in active revolt?

But enough about me. Pasadena PIO needs a goddess to ward off procrastination. For her, I offer the Celtic goddess Brigid. Brigid was one fiery goddess. Really. She had a giant flame sticking out of her head. It connected her to the entire universe and is a powerful source of creative energy. When you need someone to light a fire under your butt, she's your gal. When you need a spark of energy, she's your go to goddess.

I'd really love to tell you more, but I'm almost positive I still have some Girl Scout cookies hiding in the freezer, and have you seen Jonas Armstrong? Do you see my problem?

Channel this goddess when trapped in the clutches of procrastination. Unless, of course, you suddenly realize you just can't live without a Sumac beer tankard. In which case, try this.

Need a goddess: I've got plenty! Post a comment telling my what you need and when I'm done watching Robin Hood I'll try and see what I can do. Probably.
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