On the contrary

To whom it may concern:

I disagree.

Slow and steady does not win the race.
The swift and steady win the race.
That's what makes it a race.

But does it have to be a race?


Petrea Burchard said...

I don't know, Margaret. Maybe we race with ourselves. But I don't think it's about "slow," or "fast." I think it's about "steady."

Star said...

Good provocative thought. So many little things are gigantically small and small-minded races throughout the day: purposeful discourtesies, arrogance, numerous egotistical and thoughtless acts. More awareness of and regard for others--and theirs for us--would go a long way, already, to "de-racing" the day in a pleasant way.

Ms M said...

Good question! And thoughtful comments by Petrea and Star.

Ms M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Olga said...

Does it have to be a race? Does it have to be a competition? That is what I ask about every single (well, almost) TV program these days. Time to move on, people.

Watson said...

I belong to the International Institute of Not Doing Much (IINDM)


We rush too much and get no where sometimes.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I wear a turtle pendent. Have been for years. It's my talisman. Unlike the story that has the turtle crossing the finish line; the true nature of the turtle is to forge it's own path. They're great escape artist.

Country Girl said...

Not a race, I like to think, but a journey.

Susan Campisi said...

I'm definitely a slow mover, so I say it's not a race. Love the sand sculpture. Reminds me of the snow angels we made as kids.

Olga said...

Margaret! Yay!!

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