Great Bacon Caper Breakfast

Hooray!  I survived the Great Bacon Caper Breakfast.  You may recall that I was nervous.  You may recall that I feared feeding such an intimidatingly talented group of bloggers, all contestants in the Great Bacon Caper contest.  But beautiful Pasadena Adjacent was right, everyone was lovely, and if the food was disgusting no one let on for a moment. 

Needless to say, my sweet Mangalitsa piglet, Litsa, was the star of the party.  Everyone adored her sweet Marilyn Monroe haircut.  Altadena Hiker even had to get out my old curling iron and give Litsa a precious little up-do, and Petrea at Pasadena Daily Photo insisted on painting Litsa's nails.  I never knew those two could be such girly-girls, but, as The New York Times notes, Mangalitsa pigs tend to bring out a woman's inner princess.

As much as they liked Litsa, I think some of my guests were more interested in the pork products Litsa will one day become than in my cute little piglet's sunny personality.  Restless Chef was pumping me full of lard recipes.  She does love her lard.  I think she's hoping I'll give her some Litsa lard, but, while Restless Chef is delightful and a very talented writer, I'm still not sure if she is worthy.  I might give some Litsa bacon to Susan at Open Mouth, Insert Fork. But then she has offered (brided) to pitch an article to the LA Times home section on suburban animal husbandry using me and Litsa as examples.   That will be totally good for my platform, and I do know how much Susan likes a good bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado sandwich.

I was a little disturbed when Paula Johnson (the vegetarian) tried to dress Litsa up like Liz at Pasadena Adjacent and walk out of the house with her.  (And just so you know, Paula, I never for one second believed that Liz had a curly tail, and you can tell West Coast Grrlie Blather all you want that I did, but it doesn't make it true.  I will admit that when you got Toadberry to give Litsa an Hungarian accent I was fooled for a little while -- but I never believed Liz had a tail.)

As for my other guests, well, they were very well behaved.  Mademoiselle Gramophone did try and steal prize winner Linda Dove's pound of bacon, but, for a poet, Linda Dove is actually pretty tough.  Linda had the situation totally under control.  

All in all, it was most festive and charming morning.  Maybe when Litsa's bigger we can do it again!  


Cafe Pasadena said...

Just let me know when the pig is done.

Another great pic, MF!

Susan C said...

It's always a wonderful meal when someone else cooks, but when the food is delicious and beautifully served, well that's just the icing on the cake (and the wig on the pig).

Linda Dove said...

What a wonderful event! Thank you, again, for the hospitality, the ambience, and the wonderful food. I'll write pig verse anytime for you.

altadenahiker said...

Litsa and I shared a little girl talk as I did her tail and she did my make-up. (Egg-shell pink, works for us both!) We'll probably do a little shopping together this week, and we're trying to decide on a spa for next month.

I get the loin.

Palm Axis said...

Thanks Margaret. You can cook! (and you own a beautiful apron). Nice meeting the crew and I'm sorry I had to leave early.

now about the tail...

Well.....I do have a small tail but it isn't curled. The last two vertebrae are fused and project outward from my spinal column in an eastern direction. I'm unashamed. Mr V thinks it's cute and calls me lefty.

If Lista wants to wear orange clothing and cotton candy pink lipstick like me, I'm honored. It's a known fact that my sense of style is irreproachable. Carry on piglet.

Lynne said...

Did you get Litsa so you could use her for your "tablescape" at your bacon brunch??? Sandra Lee never used live animals for her decore. I think you've surpassed her!

Desiree said...

I thought we had an agreement, that that morning was confidential and off the record. Wasn't that what all the waivers were about? I hate to tell you this but (interjection, have you ever noticed when someone says that, they're actually DYING to tell you the words that follow) but lard butt, I mean Litsa, really didn't have much personality.

Margaret said...

You are all so nice.

AH: The loin is yours.

PA: Sorry about the tail.

Lynne: Wait until you see the animals I have planned for Easter!

Dez: NO lard for you.

Laurie said...

Sounds fun!

Petrea said...

Speaking of pigs, I ate and ate and ate.

Everything else you said is a bit of an exaggeration, except that Linda Dove is one tough poet.

Anonymous said...

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