Goddess of the Week: Pele

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Shhhh. Don't look -- and keep your voice down. This week's goddess is already really pissed off, and I don't want her directing her wrath at me.

This week's goddess is Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire. She is one tough charcoal briquet. It seems she has some "issues" when it comes to men, sisters, and rivals. Basically, they make her really mad, and when Pele gets mad, she burns things.

I don't know what happened. Maybe another lover dumped Pele for Poliah, goddess of snow-capped mountains. Maybe Pele slept with her sister's husband again and then got into another sibling spat. Hell, maybe Pele doesn't like the happy hour at Roy's Hawaiin Fushion in Pasadena. But something happened because -- last I heard -- over 85,000 acres of the San Gabriel foothills are burning. I wake up every morning and the inside of my house smells like smoke. We can't walk the dog because the air quality is so bad. Our eyes sting, our throats hurt, our clothes stink. And I'm far south of the fires. I'm not even close to them. No matter. Right now, if you live in the San Gabriel Valley, your life is focused on conflagration.

So here's what we need to do. Are you ready? Are you sure? Because we must be very subtle or Pele might change the winds and send us running to the sea. Ok: here's what we do: we don't channel Pele. Channeling Pele would be very bad right now. Instead, we channel Pele's rival, Poliah. Remember her? Goddess of snow-capped mountains? Channel her. Think snow. Think cold. Think pure clean air. Then, make a sacrifice: bring a couple gallons of ice cream to your local fire station. Those guys are the ones who really need divine protection.

This one's for all my friends in Altadena and La Canada. You guys take care.

Need a goddess: That's why I'm here! Tell me your need and I'll find you the perfect goddess.
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Susan C said...

Thinking snow covered mountains and chocolate orange gelato from Bulgarini.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Fire! Something that can be so good can also be so destructive. Kind of like people, I guess.

Desiree said...

I think only crazy people can think they can withstand her power--like thinking they can stay to fight after the evacuation orders have been given--

... daisy... said...

brrrrr.... this one is really frightening... .... :-)

Choices said...

Yes, thinking cold is a nice change from the hot summer sun.
Thanks for your visit.

Margaret said...

Susan: Yes to both.

Georgie: It's a paradox.

Dez: I know! I can't imagine staying when you're supposed to evacuate.

Daisy: indeed.

Choices: We could definitely use some cold here.

Jean Spitzer said...


Petrea said...

Working on it. Cold, snow, clear air.

Boz doesn't want to be outside but he's tired of sitting around. I took him to Huntington Dog Beach yesterday, not so much because he needed it but because I did. I met others there from Glendale who went down to escape the smoke. From there we could see the pyro-cumulus cloud above the fires. It dominates all views in the southland, and it looks like a big puff of beautiful, white ice.

armyblond said...

Funny you should mention Pele. I just recently came back from Hawaii where the tour guide explained that taking rocks from Pele's island would bring you eternal bad luck until it was returned. I may have smuggled a green peridot rock from her sacred green beaches and recently some bad luck has been brewing around me. Anyone got a good address for anyone in Hawaii where I can mail this rock out?!?!?!

Cafe Observer said...

SC, we had the BulgarGelato last week on a hot day. For the price, we both think Rite Aid is catching up to them.

"Pyro-Cumulus clouds." Listen to Petrea. She must have a secret past.

Marg, you forgot to mention Pele played a mean game of soccer while in Brazil.

Petrea said...

Cafe, I have a past, but it has nothing to do with meteorology. Not much anyway.

I heard the term on the radio. It describes the cloud that rises above the fire each day. It's not all smoke; the white top is an actual cloud created by the fire.

pasadenapio said...

Hey, where's her soccer ball?

Shell Sherree said...

I'll focus on Poliah for you {and for us as a preventative measure}. Wish I could drop off some ice cream to your firefighters. Take care, all.

pasadenaadjacent said...

Pele is doing an overkill on this side of the Pacific.

I blame the Brady bunch for stealing her rocks and dragging them back to LA

altadenahiker said...

Damn, I thought this was about soccer.

But ok now, we'll all meet at Margaret's for some bulgarini.

gaelikaa said...

Yes, you're right. Don't play with fire. (Or is it fight fire with fire?)

smallawei said...