Goddess of the Week: Ninkasi

Deb has been through a lot lately, including one very painful loss. She definitely needs a goddess. She might even need a beer. So I'm combining these needs and giving her the Sumerian goddess of beer: Ninkasi.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: There was a goddess of beer?  Yes! Yes, there was. One of the earliest pieces of writing EVER is a poem to Ninkasi. My ancient Sumerian is a bit rusty, but this is a rough translation:

Hymn to Ninkasi

From the land of sky blue waters,
Comes the beer refreshing.

Oh goddess,
Have you, perchance, a wedge of lime?

Why? Oh, why,
Do you fatten my thighs,
You of stars and moon and many carbs?

I will worship you with this:
But never with a juice box,
for cardboard paired with tiny straws are anathema to your lips.
Surely, surely, worshipping you with a juice box
Would bring a plague upon my house for seven generations,
And rightly so.

And because Ninkasa,
Rhymes slightly-kind of-sort of with piƱata,
I will also worship you on Cinco De Mayo,
And Superbowl Sunday,
And just football season in general,
And, in Germany, in the entire month of October.

And every college dormitory will be your temple,
Because that is what you demand,
And who am to argue with a goddess?

Need a goddess? I got goddesses! Post a comment explaining what you need or want a goddess for. Then check back in a week or two and see what you got! It's fun! It's free! It will not impair your driving. 


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Oh Margaret, this is awesome. I did not know there was a Goddess of Beer, but I am super glad to know it now. I've been watching for my Goddess, and you did not disappoint, my dear. My mom would have needed a Goddess of Margaritas, but this beer chick totally works for me!

{{{thank you}}}

Carrie Rosalind said...

Haha love the poem and this is definitely the perfect goddess for my mom right now! :) Cheers!!

Stacey said...

Why are you so good at this? :)

Daisy said...

I'm off to get some beer! Will share!

Sorry to hear of your troubles Deb. Hope things get better soon.

Ms M said...

So there's a goddess of beer??

Your poem is priceless...

Susan Campisi said...

Well, this post really made me feel like I was hanging in the Goddess Lounge. Must be the beer.

Rois said...

Not too long ago I saw someone drinking a Ninkasi beer and wondered if it was good.Now I am going to have to try one.I will think of all of you as I do.

And Cheer and Cheers to Deb.

Shell Sherree said...

Sorry to hear Deb's having a tough time. Thanks to your solid grip on ancient Sumerian, I hope her day has been made brighter. In Australia, we often measure country towns by the number of pubs they offer, so Ninkasi has a good following here.

Olga said...

Those ancient Sumerians were quite a prescient group. I am doubly impressed with your command of their language.

Jean Spitzer said...

Best wishes to Deb, and cheers.

Petrea Burchard said...

I love and adore beer. This is a great goddess, and the poetry is smashing. Here's to you, Deb, I hope it helps.

altadenahiker said...

We should all grab for all the gusto we can, particularly the champagne of bottle beers.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

OK - that was kind of brilliant.