And the Winner is...

Welcome to the 2009 Great Bacon Caper award's ceremony: the one event where the pig is actually the prize.  

Oh, what a whirlwind it's been.  Creativity, ingenuity, the ruthless pursuit of Bristol Farms Bacon -- and that's just Petrea.  Before the winner is announced, let's a take a moment and review the amazing baconcentric entries we've received.  So sit back, set your Pandora Radio to Barbra Streisand's "Memories,"  and read on.  

Oh how I remember the first entry: Vanda's Bacon Rhapsody.  When challenged by a certain blogger on issues of original creation, the undefatigible Vanda got straight back in the game with The Pink Pig that Could.   

Several competitors brought us food related posts.  Susan's BLAT is as close to food porn as this blog gets.   CB3Dot went the recipe route too, although I'm not sure if he realized that he even entered the contest.  Pasadena Adjacent went the pizza route, and the Restless Chef brought us lard.  A bit too late Kathy H. brought us a recipe for bacon-wrapped dates.  

I really liked Mr. Earl's political angle.  And Petrea is also so clever.  Like Mr. Earl she knows there is always more than one way to interpret bacon.  

Altadena Hiker brought us a pretty dirty pig.  She's always so funny, and I do like a good laugh.

But I can also be introspective, and the poet Linda Dove brought us a poem called On the Stove in the Kitchen.  It's worth repeating:  

The anticipation of this bacon in the pan;
Pastries for a salt-toothed girl.  

Don't you love that?  A bit too late Miss Havisham brought us another poem.  And so did Paula Johnson.  (See below.)  They could have been contenders but...they did miss the deadline.

Ok.  Turn of the music.  Calm down.  Breathe deep.  Are you ready for your close-up?  After much consideration and a sleepless night -- and remember this is an imperfect world where merit not always rewarded as much as it should be, and you were all brilliant and you all deserve to win  -- the award of the Great Bacon Caper goes to...

Linda Dove, for her poem "On the Stove in the Kitchen."

But all the competitors are so fabulous that I invite you to my house for breakfast.  We'll do it during my spring break in March.  Stay tuned.  

And congratulations Linda!  


Petrea said...

I read breathlessly! Congratulations, Linda!

Margaret, this was so much fun. Can't wait for breakfast together. May we have BLATs for breakfast? I'll bring stuff.

Linda Dove said...


I never thought.


Thank you so much! And I feel that I should say I look forward to meeting you, as much as the bacon. :)

Susan C said...

Congratulations, Linda.

I'll look forward to meeting you at the breakfast.

Margaret, I have two trees full of oranges and could bring fresh squeezed orange juice if you like.

Margaret said...

Petrea: Glad you had fun. Let's do this again sometime. I had fun too. You were all so clever. This was a little stressful for me.

Linda: I just couldn't get "pastries for a salt-toothed girl" out of me head.

Susan: The orange juice will be much appreciated. I have to figure out when when our big group-grading session is. Once I know, I'll set a date.

Desiree said...

Here I am, late to the party as usual. Congratulations to Linda! And honorable chuckle surely goes to Paula--
great fun

Petrea said...

Stressful? Ah. The responsibility. You handled it with grace.

When I click on Paula I get this post.

Margaret said...

Thanks for pointing out that little gaffe, Petrea. To see Paula's very funny poem scroll down to the Late Entries post.

Petrea said...

Oh sorry, I didn't mean so much to point out a gaffe as to find Paula's poem, which is a delight!

Margaret said...

No apologies necessary. And, yes, Paula's is very fabulous.

Palm Axis said...

I thought for certain my little money shot would have seduced you. Congratulations Linda. Watch out for pigs wearing blankets

Margaret said...

PA: Loved the money shot. Fabulous. You were a contender; and it's possible that that you -- and others -- were robbed.

Petrea said...

Hmm. Margaret's telling that to all the contestants except me. Was I too aggressive? :)

I don't think anyone was robbed, Margaret. I think we all had a good time. You sparked fun, excitement and creativity.

Margaret said...

Petrea: You were totally cheated too. Sir Francis Bacon! How clever is that?!! I was not meant to be a judge. Way to stressful. But you have the wardrobe and everything. Next turn is yours.

Petrea said...

Oh no. That's why I did a contest where there were right and wrong answers. Subjective content is way too hard.

Though if I ever get my act together I'm going to start giving out prizes to the one who makes me laugh the hardest on Zen Monday.

West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

I missed the contest, but may I please be invited to the bacon-fest breakfast? I'll bring the PG Tips.

Margaret said...

WGB: Yes, you may. As long as you tell me what PG Tips are.

Anonymous said...

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